• CeBIT 2015 fires up the Aus tech sector as government leaders call for more innovation


    cbt519 cebit 2015 fires up the aus tech sector as government leaders call for more innovation
    Sydney was feted as the ‘epicentre’ of the Australian IT industry at this year’s CeBIT conference held at the city’s Olympic Park. Over 25,000 people pre-registered for the exhibition from 30 countries around the world.

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott opened the event  preaching  that Government and the business sector continue to embrace new technologies to improve the way Australians do business.

    "We are creating the economic conditions that make it easier for business to succeed, to grow and to employ. We've got the NBN back on track, with 870,000 families and businesses experiencing faster broadband thanks to the NBN,” Abbott said.

    Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, pushed her vision for accelerating Sydney's reputation as the country's leading tech city, particularly for start ups.

  • IPTV helps Australia boost online betting boom


    The Australian obsession with sport has swiftly translated into a boom time for online betting with digital wagering company Sportsbet emerging as the fastest growing online bookmaker the country. Based on total bets placed in 2013, Sportsbet has come up in front of competitors Tabcorp and Tatts Group and other digital only sites like Bet365 and Betfair.


    "Our Australian business is hotter than centre court at an Aussie Open," Sportsbet has said of its performance.

    With around 500 staff, the fast growing operation has implemented the most adept IPTV systems to amplify the business and streamline access to data, which is at the heart of optimum betting. As Sportsbet is democratic in its opportunity to bet on anything from the Melbourne Cup winner to the next James Bond or who will win Big Brother, access to the primary resource of TV is essential.

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