• IPTV helps Australia boost online betting boom


    The Australian obsession with sport has swiftly translated into a boom time for online betting with digital wagering company Sportsbet emerging as the fastest growing online bookmaker the country. Based on total bets placed in 2013, Sportsbet has come up in front of competitors Tabcorp and Tatts Group and other digital only sites like Bet365 and Betfair.


    "Our Australian business is hotter than centre court at an Aussie Open," Sportsbet has said of its performance.

    With around 500 staff, the fast growing operation has implemented the most adept IPTV systems to amplify the business and streamline access to data, which is at the heart of optimum betting. As Sportsbet is democratic in its opportunity to bet on anything from the Melbourne Cup winner to the next James Bond or who will win Big Brother, access to the primary resource of TV is essential.

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